Renowned Furniture.Re badging, new corporate image & expansion

So, we’ve rebranded the company from top to bottom. Reinvented the company’s vision to meld the historic past into a bright future and added some new spaces in the factory as well as some new faces on the team.
Renowned's new signage

Renowned letterhead RF2

Growth is everywhere you look at the new Renowned Furniture. We have added a new French polisher whose background harks from the Melbourne, Toorak elite where fine furniture and antique restoration are of a very high quality and we’ve also added a new joiner to assist with all the day to day joinery. This enables us to keep the master craftsmen on the craft that they enjoy so much and that our clients are chasing with ever increasing vigour.

Renowned work area collage

cleaner, more spacious work area

We’ve had to virtually double our factory space by adding a mezzanine floor to the top of the machine area. This will double as a store for all of our rare timbers and a clean place to cure the completed pieces after polishing.

There’s been a major investment made in dust extraction to the whole plant so that dust, wood particles and shavings  are all corralled into one bin for daily emptying. We even have a group that come and collect this waste for recycling to other application. The air is cleaner, the shop is cleaner and the cleaning work is halved with this new system.

dust extractor and new mezzanine area

l-r: view of new dust extractor and filtering system during commissioning, new mezzanine with rare timbers and dust filtering system in background


Our turnover here at Renowned has increased by more than double in the past 12 months! At a time when so many businesses in general are saying that they are quiet and so many businesses in our particular industry are downsizing or closing! Why? We deliver “the wow factor” to our clients with amazing workmanship and great value in a timely manner. Our workload is always at least 2 months forward and we have a new system that enables us to juggle/schedule the work such that all clients get their pieces when they practically require them.

When all the works here are completed, we’ll be glad to show off the new look of our factory!