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Mary’s Blackbean Journey

Update: October 29, 2015 Here’s the continuation of Mary’s Blackbean Journey: We at Renowned have been engaged in several projects where the requirement is design with style some classic pieces that don’t over-crowd a room because the new spaces are quite small. We have made specialised dining suites, small console tables, book shelves, buffets and the […]

Dean’s big move

Update: October 14, 2015 Here’s two more of Dean’s pieces being set up… With mitsy!!! 🙂   October 12, 2015 We’ve been working with Dean for more than 12 months now. We have been restoring and repairing a great range & eclectic collection of pieces from India & some European furniture for his new apartment. […]

Trent’s outdoor dining table

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home renovation in a beautiful canal estate, Trent is have Renowned build his champion centrepiece, the dining table. It’s going to be a specialised timber top and copper/timber base. 4 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, 70 mm thick top and funky double picture frame base! Watch […]

Jason’s coffee table

January 18, 2016 From concept drawing to the real thing! Jason runs a design company and was commissioned to put together all the living spaces of Trent’s new waterfront home. This coffee table was designed in collaboration with the owner, Jason and our Simon. It looks stunning! Here’s the coffee table in the living room […]

Silky oak cabinet

Warren is one of Brisbane’s leading French polishers (Renowned furniture is one of the others!) He came to us with nothing more than a pile of broken silky oak sticks and parts that came out of a church pulpit his grandfather donated to the church back in the early 1900’s. Warren’s desire was to rebirth […]

Gary’s MGB dashboard parts

Update: October 2, 2015 Nearly there with this 1968 MG sports car dashboard and gear stick cover. Walnut burl in high build epoxy to match the existing armrests…  Looking forward to the finished pictures in 12 months’ time. 🙂     September 18, 2015 Gary came to us recommended by one of Brisbane’s finest MG […]