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1930s dining suite

Here are some photos of a 1930s oak round extension dining table and chairs we’ve just received for restoration. Here are the after photos. The chairs look quite different with a new fabric. Another happy customer – John’s smiling again now that his 1930’s round oak dining suite has been brought back to its former […]

Silky oak writers desk

“Mum simply won’t go near it since it’s been “restored” by a shonky operator. ” Di will not believe the repairs and the transition after we’ve finished the rework on this little beauty. Her 98-year-old mum will not only want to use it but will lovingly remember how it used to be.

Built in 1912

What a quaint little two-seater. Unfortunately, a rather portly friend plonked themselves down smack in the middle and snapped it in half. No signs of that now! Don’t suppose we sat down in that fashion back in the ’20’s! Would not have been proper!

Jan’s TV cabinet

Jan’s TV cabinet is complete. “Just give it a seal coat and we’ll paint it later,” Jan instructed us! And when we installed it: “Wow! I think we’ll leave it just the way it is.” Solid A grade hoop pine throughout. Matched to the skirting boards.

Music to my ears

Ray had a flood upstairs and the water damage cascaded down to some of his precious items below. One of these was the baby grand. Now fully restored and looking like new. “It’s music to my ears” Ray said, but we felt that it was more like a “sight for sore eyes”!

Collar back cane chairs second time around

These black collar back cane chairs were done well over a year ago. We were unaware that they were going to be positioned in direct outdoor sun. The polish we used was furniture grade but not UV stable. In the interest of good relations and to uphold our great reputation, we redid the chairs even […]

Please keep it authentic!

Sally had a loss. Among the damaged pieces was this old handmade cupboard done by her beloved grandfather. “Yes, it needs restoring but please please please don’t take away the look and feel that my grandfather gave me before he passed.” Well, it’s different for our guys to try and leave all the things that […]