Mary & Peter could not find a couch or suite suitable for their very small space where they run a portrait photography studio. The ottoman idea that we proffered was a big hit because of its flexibility and modular nature. These are commercial grade ottomans that will last for many years. Some companies actually have their corporate logos and names embroidered on them as well.


Space Age desktop

These are not fantastic pictures but we’re working on some space age desktops for a big client. Construction is black glass tile, top A grade plywood
bale sealed in Japan, black with a shark nose edge and framed in a brushed aluminium angle. Each piece clips together with furniture clamps to form a 4
X 1.5 meter massive board room table. (The top alone is almost 400 kgs!) When we get this job completed, the finished pictures will make much more sense…

black glass tile

Rugby cup dating back to 1918… “The things we do”

The Anglican Church Grammar School (“Churchie”) sports activities assistant, came to us with a dilemma. “The Queensland Secondary School Association” Rugby football cup that dates back to 1918(wow!) has run out of room to engrave this year’s premiers, Churchie.

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“Douzo meshiagare” Oak poles

Well we’re still going through white oak heaven (more on that soon!) and now there are American oak poles rolling out of every spare bit of room we have left at the workshop. ( Time to start thinking about expanding 😉 ).

after first milling

after first milling

There had to be more than 4 cubic meters of raw American oak delivered for us to build the 50 (50- imagine that!) large round oak poles required for a new Japanese restaurant here in Brisbane. Hence this blurb’s title (Douzo Meshiagare) which is Japanese for “Enjoy your meal”.

ready for turning

ready for turning

cut prep for turning

cut prep for turning

Each pole will finish up at 3.1 meters high and 100 mm in diameter so we’re looking forward to seeing the completed job.

Good Problems

Renowned Furniture recently underwent a rebrand and added a fresh approach to their marketing. These initiatives are paying big dividends.

from l-r: our  mission, shop front

from l-r: our mission, shop front

 shop front 2 RF

We are suffering from growing pains and identifying areas where we have had to implement new systems and process to keep track of delivery promises, client requests, build slots, work in progress and so on. At a time when our industry suppliers such as high end timber suppliers, polish and paint suppliers and so on, are telling us “It’s still fairly quiet out there”, Renowned Furniture is at full pace with work load and it’s looking like it’s going to continue to grow out past the end of this year.

Some of the OEM projects such as Specfurn is progressing well

spec furn RF

and the church furniture is starting to grow and fill all the available space we have. We have also recently acquired additional space in an adjoining industrial shed.

Here’s just some of what’s going on here at Renowned at this point in time.

We have collections of furniture scheduled out a few weeks

upper l-r : birch ply work stations, cedar sidetables for restoration bottom l-r: birch ply tops, oak rattan restorations

upper l-r : birch ply work stations, cedar sidetables for restoration bottom l-r: birch ply tops, oak rattan restorations


and return deliveries to clients being supported by a local furniture removal company

caption - top: antique oak repair bottom l-r: oak extension,silky oak and inlay oak tables in the que, cedar table restoration

caption – top: antique oak repair
bottom l-r: oak extension,silky oak and inlay oak tables in the que, cedar table restoration

so that we can keep up the pace and not waste valuable craftsman time on deliveries. These are all the good problems that many of our counterparts are only dreaming of.

Also, one of our team members, Alna has spent the last few months working our brand and keeping the Renowned detail high on the internet search engines profiles and the strategy is starting to pay big dividends.

Natalie’s practice

Natalie was over the moon with her purchase of the ‘woodpecker’ range of shelving that she found on our website showroom. Natalie runs a psychology practice in Brisbane and was very particular about the type of décor. She worked with one of our craftsmen and had the range of shelves altered to suit her requirements. At the time, we were a little concerned that the alterations may be out of scale but we feel that Natalie’s vision was spot on.

IMG_5189 RF

The timber for the shelves was locally grown Maple (right here in a neighbouring suburb called Salisbury) back in the 1980’s.

IMG_5335 RF

They were felled to make way for a housing estate and Renowned Furniture, a local furniture making identity were approached to see if they were interested in saving any of the timber, so here we are now turning it into fine furniture 35 years later .

photo RF

Now the range takes pride of place in Natalie’s new rooms and is both stunning with a look of strength and form but also very useful and practical.
In Natalie’s words: “ Thanks for the beautiful shelves. I love them.”

collage RF

Natalie was also happy for us to link the story to her FB page Bulimba Psychology and said that she intended mentioning us on her page as well.

White Oak Heaven continues

So further to our story on the church full of furniture that was ordered a month ago, we are now well and truly on the way.

Here, you’ll see the 6 majestic priest altar chairs being finally assembled

whiteoak collage1 RF

whiteoak collage2 RF

 the white oak altar table and the pulpit.


There is the Seventh Day Adventist logo carved into each piece as well.


The next phase is to complete assembly and start sealing & polishing.


Here’s the altar table completed. The Seventh Day Adventist logo has been carved into the top
of the table, then filled with a 2 pack clear resin (it’s about 3 to 5 mmdeep) to give it that 3 dimensional look and then 2 pack clear isolac top
coat for long lasting durability.

altar RF3

The solid oak table is designed to match the pulpit and the altar chairs which we will show you when they’re
completed next week.

Sand playbox & small meeting desk in one

Kate had an interesting task for us to assist with. Kate works
with handicapped children and there is a world renowned therapy using sand play that helps with all sorts of early development.

DSCF2003 RF Pa


These little tables are lined internally so that they are water proof and the children can make watery ponds as well as everything else. You’ll notice
underneath that there are two handles, these are for height adjustment so that with the lid in place, the sand play boxes can then become craft tables
or small meeting tables as well. Once the sand is in there, they become quite heavy so of course, the tables need to be well made, safe and sturdy.

DSCF2008  2 RF



Painted in 2 pack white for durability and lined internally with blue laminex and waterproof glue, these tables are just one extreme of the
Renowned portfolio. The client was over the moon with them.