Walter’s going Aussie

Walter has a new house and the window moulds have been replaced with something reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. He wants to “get back to Queensland”!

Renowned moulds

We built an amazing bed for Walter some months ago and now we’re renovating his home! The things we do.


A perfect replica of a solid silky oak coffee table

This solid silky oak coffee table was made for a client that already had one like it. We would have liked to polish it in a little more natural tone, but it was to match something they already had and they were happy!


Custom made coffee table

Wall mounted hall mirror sold!

This wall-mounted hall mirror is solid cedar, handmade and designed by our guys based on some priceless off cuts of some of the finest old growth Qld red cedar you will ever see that’s not already been used to make something at least once before! Sold after hanging in the office for two weeks.

Custommade wall mounted hall mirror

Silky oak match!

This bedside table was restored and we were asked to make a matching silky oak turned bedside lamp! Sarah, already had the lamp shade rescued from an old lamp of her mother’s. So we turned up a lamp stand made from the old silky stock we’ve been hoarding for more than 40 years! Perfect match.

Waste not, want not

Our client on this project disliked waste and kept all the offcuts from fine stair construction projects. What was created is nothing short of amazing. We only had a small part in this fine creation. Two beautiful, handmade bedside tables. We built the drawers and did the fine sanding and final polishing. A real tribute to the skills of a carpenter with plenty of patience and a love of timber. They weigh a tonne!

Hamptons by night

Updated: January 11, 2017

The bed is complete, delivered and assembled. The client is blown away. 2 pack black, just light enough (Japan style) to let the fine timber grain through. Blue trim and black, padded, German leather head rest. It was the client’s concept.

Custom made Bed

Custom made Bed


January 6, 2017

Remember “William’s dream” from our newsletter last year, “Fine Furniture: Buy local or buy global?“ The bed is getting some final touches. Watch out for the finished product!

Peter’s plant stands

Updated: January 18, 2017

Peter is a close colleague and supplier of fine cleaning rags to Renowned Furniture and he was looking for some specific pot plant stands to surprise his mother as well as keep one for himself! Now they’re progressing through the polishing process!


December 16, 2016

Peter wanted some traditional pot plant stands. He knew what he wanted, which timber (aged, northern silky oak), size, finish, detail, etc. Renowned’s craftsmen are almost complete in design, set out, construction, and only have polishing to complete. WTS!

Amazing bookshelf

Here it is being made.


Here it is in two pieces being polished.


Here’s the finished bookshelf – and it looks amazing!

Custommade bookshelf