Dean’s big move

Update: October 14, 2015

Here’s two more of Dean’s pieces being set up… With mitsy!!! 🙂

IMG_3526 RF


IMG_3525 RF

October 12, 2015

We’ve been working with Dean for more than 12 months now. We have been restoring and repairing a great range & eclectic collection of pieces from India & some European furniture for his new apartment.

IMG_3764 cr RF

Deans big move RF















The big move in day was yesterday and as the apartment gets fully set up, we’ll update you on the finish. WTS!

IMG_3763 RF









IMG_3762 RF



Jan’s desk & chair

Jan needed two of her heirloom pieces –  a desk and a chair – to be refurbished to make it look fresh and updated again.

IMG_3761 RF

As a bonus, we have also framed a special memory for her off the desk that she did more than 45 years ago!!

IMG_3760 Rf












Look at the before & during pics. Watch out for the after pics!

Di & Leo’s outdoor dining suite

Update: November 9, 2015

Leo came to Renowned with a problem: The insurance company only allowed a certain amount for the repairs/replacement of their teak outdoor suite and buffet. Renowned worked with Leo outlining what we could do and what we could leave out of a restoration to get the result he was happy with and fit the budget. The rest is history!!

And here is the most awaited after picture of Di & Leo’s outdoor dining suite – all shiny and looking new once again!

IMG_3954 RL


October 5, 2015

Di & Leo needed their timber outdoor suite to be given a new fresh lease of life.
Leo 3




The last straw was a hail storm earlier this year where the pieces were all badly damaged.
Leo2 RFLeo1

Here’s the before & during pics. Wait til u see the afters!
Leo 4

Trent’s outdoor dining table

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home renovation in a beautiful canal estate, Trent is have Renowned build his champion centrepiece, the dining table.

copper table sketch

It’s going to be a specialised timber top and copper/timber base. 4 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, 70 mm thick top and funky double picture frame base!


Watch this space for some updates as we go.

Jason’s coffee table

January 18, 2016

From concept drawing to the real thing!

Jason runs a design company and was commissioned to put together all the living spaces of Trent’s new waterfront home. This coffee table was designed in collaboration with the owner, Jason and our Simon. It looks stunning!


Here’s the coffee table in the living room of Trent’s island home.



September 25, 2015

Here’s the concept drawing and the first stages of build for Jason’s slick new coffee table. Wait & see where it heads!

coffee table sketch

coffee table in progress

Silky oak cabinet

Warren is one of Brisbane’s leading French polishers (Renowned furniture is one of the others!) He came to us with nothing more than a pile of broken silky oak sticks and parts that came out of a church pulpit his grandfather donated to the church back in the early 1900’s.

broken oak sticks brought in by a client

Warren’s desire was to rebirth this old pile into a lovely display cabinet and we’re proud to say that he chose us. When he collected the piece after final set up (Naturally Warren did the polishing himself!!) he said that he simply could not be happier with the outcome and with his decision to use Renowned.

finished oak cabinet

We made a special place for the sterling silver plaque that bears his grandfather’s and grandmother’s names acknowledging their kindness to the church all those years ago.

sterling silver plaque

Gary’s MGB dashboard parts

Update: October 2, 2015

Nearly there with this 1968 MG sports car dashboard and gear stick cover.

MG dashboard parts

Walnut burl in high build epoxy to match the existing armrests…  Looking forward to the finished pictures in 12 months’ time. 🙂

MG dashboard parts



September 18, 2015

Gary came to us recommended by one of Brisbane’s finest MG car parts & restoration houses. These dashboard parts will one day be flying round the streets of Brisbane in a shiny restored MGB. Walnut burl polished timber. WTS!

IMG_3467 RF MG dashboard part

MG car parts for restoration


Jennifer’s big splurge

Update: September 30, 2015

Here’s the first one complete ready for delivery.

one of Jennifer's pieces


Update: September 23, 2015

Here’s some progress on Jennifer’s beautiful pieces.

IMG_3635 RF

All designed right here by our master craftsmen, unique, timeless, traditional and all Queensland…

IMG_3636 RF

IMG_3637 RF

even the timber was grown here some 50 odd years ago.


September 7, 2015

Jennifer is having a large display cabinet, 2 side tables, an entertain unit & a console table made. All hand made in genuine aged Queensland red rainforest cedar that was felled back in the 1970’s. This is a progress shot of how our craftsmen are progressing.

display cabinet

IMG_3579 RF