Rod & Carolyn’s vision

Sometimes you have to just think outside the box and put your pride in your pocket!
Rod & Carolyn had a budget and a vision. After some communication, they were able to find some generic pieces made by Chiswell (a great company surviving in Victoria) and then Renowned followed up with some finishing pieces to complete the suite to their design. One happy customer & 2 happy suppliers.

bed set

bed set

Mark’s piece

Update: September 16, 2015

Mark was over the moon with the restoration of his quirky English oak sideboard. Here’s some during

during pics

and after shots.

finished sideboard

He’s now lining up for 3 more pieces to be done. “The best thing I feel was the daily involvement that Renowned provided with pictorial updates and requiring my input on colour/tone etc.” Mark said.


August 31, 2015

A very interesting piece imported from England some years ago that Mark wanted to repair and restore. Quite an interesting journey. We saw traces of life in an old English pub, parts of a church and then traces that it had been through a flood. We sure wish its “walls could talk”!

Mark's piece



Kellie’s lamp

Kellie wanted at least one nice memento from her mum’s home. This cedar lamp was a great pick and restored beautifully. Love the fabric Kellie chose for the shade.

lamp before restorationkellie lamp 1 RF



Sherelle’s two resurrections

Sherelle’s 2 favoured possessions are back to normal after a slight accident. Snapped leg on the chair & snapped leg + smashed marble on the table.

restored chair and table by Renowned Furniture

Jared’s new speakers

Jared will be in “doof doof” heaven when he gets these babies fitted and rocking!!

speaker box by Renowned

It’s in American walnut (crown cut veneer). 🙂

speaker box by Renowned in American walnut


John’s tv table

John came to us with some pretty specific requests. It had to be cedar, it had to match his antique dining table that lives in the same room, it had to have clean high character grain. Thank goodness we have a good stockpile of 50 year old genuine Queensland red cedar! As you can see, we filled all requirements…

tv table by Renowned

A breath of fresh air at the office

Thanks to Lennah’s keen eye, an accounting firm in the city is now enjoying the same good quality furniture but with a new lease on life, re-polished table tops, restored sideboard and reupholstered chairs.

office furniture set refurbished by Renowned

All fresh & new at less than half the cost of replacement and with possibly twice the quality of today’s replacements. 🙂

Clementine’s chair

Update: September 14, 2015

Here’s the finished chair.

As you can see, the final part of the story ended in tears!!! (of joy) 😀

Clementine's chair restored by Renowned



August 14, 2015
Clementine is having this beautiful old chair re done for her sister’s 21st.

chair before fixing

It’s been in the family for generations and 3 generations of mothers have nursed their children on this chair…

chair parts RF

chair seat RF