Relics of India

What can I say? Dean has a love for interesting pieces. To tell what this is would require a forensic expert. There are some parts that suggest 17th century-like handmade nails and then other parts that look a little ‘Indonesian knock off’ but we’d say it’s an assembly of old building demolition components from India. In for repairs & a freshen up…

asian piece

Rock on Doc’

Update: January 7, 2014

Here are Doc’s finished speakers from an opposite angle along with the before pictures. 🙂

post 0107 rf

Update: December 30, 2014

Doc’s Infinity speakers live and rock again.. Here’s the finished product. New timber veneer wrap in oak and new solid oak stands all polished with a walnut tone on the finish.

infinity 5 RF

Update: December 29, 2014

We’ll be reupholstering the cloth fronts and respraying the backs after filling all the exposed and open cracks. The new timber veneer will get 3 coats of polish as will the new solid bases. So keep watching this space…Finished product within a week. 🙂

Infinity speakers RF2

Update: December 24, 2014

To make the old boxes even stronger, we will be routing out a section along each corner of partially damaged chipboard and replacing it with solid timber before we place the new timber veneer over the top. This will provide many more years of strength and durability.

Infinity during RF3

Watch this space… Finished product in one week. 🙂
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While we know this to be a circa 1960’s blanket box, it was clearly designed with a life on the high seas in mind. The Pirate treasure chest inspired hinges and handles and the carvings are all hallmarks of a bygone era.


The box actually belongs to our IT consultant.The guy who helped set us up with smart technologies and a host of great advice.


Normally reserved for his mainstream clientele, Tony is more used to dealing with larger SME’s (one of which I sold off 3 years ago) but because of a history and great association spanning many years, Tony has been kind enough to keep us on so restoring his wife’s prized blanket box is the least we can do in return. Can’t wait to show you all the finished piece next week.