A Picture Story

New Project: Mel’s Antique chair. One of the most unique features of antique chairs is the many hours of work spent on their creation. Antique chairs were specially handcrafted, increasing their style appeal & longevity.

1 before RF2

Ravaged base and chipped mahogany legs and damaged joints

2 before RF3

This 1800’s circa chair has been in Mel’s family for only a few years but she intends turning them into heirlooms.

3 before RF

While some restoration projects may just need a few simple fixes, others could wind up costing more and are time-consuming.

4 old covers off RF

The first real step in any restoration process is to disassemble the chair.

This step must be done gently as possible as to avoid any unnecessary stress or damage.

5 damaged RF2

After disassembly, it is necessary to collect any pieces and replace anything rotted or damaged.

6 disassembled RF

Reassembling the pieces using any nails or screws that were saved wherever possible to retain the originality of the chair. Glue and reattach the pieces together.

7 clamp and glue RF

Renowned always makes sure to go over every piece carefully to keep its value & character.

8 reassembled RF2

Like most antiques a well-kept chair will increase in value as years pass.

9 first coat RF

Our very own Brian adding some finishing touches and coating!


As long as these chairs are treated with the care they deserve, maintenance will not be a problem. We’re almost done with this one!

11 frame finish copy

And here’s the finished product!

Mel chair 2

Lovely, isn’t it?

mel chair combo copy


Period Style Cabinet With A Contemporary Touch

An appealingly designed TV cabinet with carving detail, claw footed legs, cane sides and timber finish.

A 1900’s look topped with 21st century’s innovative fun!

“The WOW coffee table” WOW: World of Warcraft

We have a project to complete for a very special client with a very special request.

wow-table RF

She’s been a mad gamer for years, and met her now life partner on line gaming. They already have one beautiful baby girl. Nikki wants to buy her man something relevant and special for his birthday. She knows he purchased an old World of Warcraft server some years ago as prised memorabilia and she has decided to have it build into a coffee table.

Between us, we came up with a concept that she liked. We are now in final development and construction phase. There’ll be some lighting, some acrylic/Perspex and a few funky angles and the prized server will live in a recess beneath the glass top. Can’t wait to show you all the real thing!!

wow in the making

A concept on a 3D drawing program is now becoming a reality. Our WOW (World of Warcraft) Table in the making.


  The finished product!



Designed by us, built using solid core composite materials such as a special ‘dye impregnated craft board’, coloured acrylic Perspex and, of course a  highly collectible “W.O.W.” (World Of Warcraft) server fitted just under the toughened clear float glass top.

1930’s Travel Port Seat


We transformed this old 1930’s travel port into a safe and comfy seat which we then placed a modern twist with its legs made of Tasmanian oak, polished to perfection and topping it off with the fun psychedelic patterned fabric we used that gives you a taste of the 50’s/60’s which has recently made a come back in all the latest trends.

portseat 3 RF

portseat b RFportseat1c RF

An Old Woody Treasure

Our clients had been holding on to the old log for 20 years, always thinking that they ‘would do something with it one day’.

We delivered a product made by our best craftsman, a coffee/occasional table designed & constructed out of an old log cutting, and there was a quiet moment when tears began to flow. Tears of joy!

RF_541Mid RF2

RF_529Mid RF















Beautiful Doors

We have these beautiful old doors that currently reside in a $5M home on the river in Brisbane. The home was recently sold and is being lovingly restored by a new owner.

Beautiful-Doors RF

These doors however have a much richer history: They were originally rescued from a demolition in the city of Brisbane where an old bank was being torn down. The timber is of original Queensland silky oak 50 mm thick and 3 meters tall, and each pane of glass had been hand cut and beveled… just priceless!

Beautiful-Doors1 RF

We are half way through the restoration… stay tuned!


Austrian Bentwood Chairs

Every piece of these Austrian Bentwood chairs was dismantled and lovingly sanded back to natural timber.

bentwood RF

Instead of original cane insert seats, the client opted for drop in plywood seats. With their preserved character and quality, we know she will be delighted with the end product.

bentwood2 RF

Granite Coffee Table

What do you do with the left over granite or stone when building a new kitchen bench top?

Why not make a matching coffee table?? Beautifully framed in teak, this coffee or occasional table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The stone was left over from a kitchen project and the client could not bear to just throw it away.

granite coffee RF

granite coffee 2 RF