Antique Fireplace

Winter is coming and Renowned have started ’unveiling’ some very unique fire places. These beauties blend the old and the new so well, this particular one is made from solid cedar.

IMG_1721 RF

Genuine antique components, portable, powered by methylated spirits and a real conversation piece. They not only look great but they also really pump out the warmth.

IMG_1724 RF

A pleasant and cozy fireplace of warm cedar and beautifully hand-carved pillars, with added modern look of stainless steel surround and stainless steel meth burner unit!

IMG_1723 RF

Glenys’ desk

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

This is the story of a circa 1960’s office desk that had been discarded. Left on the side of the road for the local council annual rubbish pick up. In a very poor state of dis repair, the desk had broken drawers, chipped and missing veneer all over, deep water stains and marks all over the top and was structurally falling apart.

photo copy

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A keen eye with a love for all things old (Glenys) stopped and collected the desk and all its pieces and contacted Renowned furniture for a quote. After some consultation, we agreed on a price and a method. The big challenge was saving the top as it was an extremely rare butterfly blackwood veneer which we knew would be irreplaceable so all the restoration tricks were ‘pulled out’ by our very qualified team to return this classic back to its former glory. It will live again, this time for ever holding pride of place in Glenys’s retro office.

photo 1 copy(1)

Glenys and Alan were delighted with their desk.  They ended up re-arranging their furniture to accommodate the desk in pride of place.  Now, Glenys has a peaceful work space, with an amazing view, and a gorgeous desk.

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Starfire Coffee Table

A designer came to us with a sample picture and we liked it so much that we decided to build a prototype.

This one is made from Ironbark with a ‘starfire’ glass top. The starfire glass has a blue tint/ accent when viewed from the edge. The coffee table is 850 mm X 850 mm X 400 mm high.

photo 2


The Record Box

With a global increase in old style vinyl record sales of 17% last year alone, Renowned Furniture have embarked on a release of some funky record cabinets. There are some units that you can have customised with cool, themed sliding doors or pictures of your favourite bands etc.










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A True Classic.Traditional Silky Oak Cupboard.


The client, Richard, wanted a classic silky oak linen cupboard to match an existing piece he has. After trolling the antique stores and the internet, Richard thought he try his luck getting something built. He was convinced that he would never find the true classic north Queensland silky oak but he was delighted when he found Renowned. We have a stockpile of genuine Queensland silky oak and cedar that we’ve been holding for more than 30 years and that’s actually more than 45 years old.


One great find for Renowned Furniture was a government auction back in the late ‘80’s when the state government stopped making school desks and other pieces for government owned buildings and they sold off all their old timber stock. We paid little for it back then but it’s worth a fortune now. The rest is going to become history…photo3 copy

Solid Mahogany Dining Table

Mark commenced his career as an elite swimmer representing Australia in the 1984 Olympics and 1986 Commonwealth Games.

After Mark’s retirement from swimming in 1992, he joined the family business (Stockwell) established by his parents Bill and Necia Stockwell. Mark is now the Managing Director.

Some years ago, Renowned Furniture was supplying fine furniture and furniture restoration to Mark’s parents. More recently, Mark found a remarkable antique, solid mahogany extension dining table in an antique shop in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and invited us to inspect the table and provide an estimate to restore it. We understand that it was originally imported from UK and was located on a large property station out west. Read more

Oak Table Restoration

Jane came to us from an internet search and has had this table for many years.

pre-restoration-open RF

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