Beautiful Doors

We have these beautiful old doors that currently reside in a $5M home on the river in Brisbane. The home was recently sold and is being lovingly restored by a new owner.

Beautiful-Doors RF

These doors however have a much richer history: They were originally rescued from a demolition in the city of Brisbane where an old bank was being torn down. The timber is of original Queensland silky oak 50 mm thick and 3 meters tall, and each pane of glass had been hand cut and beveled… just priceless!

Beautiful-Doors1 RF

We are half way through the restoration… stay tuned!


Austrian Bentwood Chairs

Every piece of these Austrian Bentwood chairs was dismantled and lovingly sanded back to natural timber.

bentwood RF

Instead of original cane insert seats, the client opted for drop in plywood seats. With their preserved character and quality, we know she will be delighted with the end product.

bentwood2 RF

A 1950’s Rusted Mess Receives A Makeover

We arranged to sand blast & powder coat the frame,and craft timber tops for the lovely shelf and top.

rusted mess RF

The timber has been polished and finished in 2 packs clear so that it can still live outdoors without concern of damage to the fine lumber!

An elegant look to last for decades!

Old Grandfather Clock

We once took the job of completing an unfinished grandfather clock.
The original builder of the clock had become clinically blind by about half way through the project, and was almost totally blind by the time he decided to put down his tools, which was past 75% of completing the job.

On his death bed, his daughter, Sue, wanted the clock completed for his 92nd birthday… and in six days’ time! We pulled out all stops, had four guys on the job, ran into a myriad of issues but we made it just in time.

When the day came to show everyone the completed Grandfather clock, Sue burst into tears and spontaneously hugged all the craftsmen. After the excitement ceased, one of the craftsmen asked her why the base pedestal had a door on it, since most grandfather clocks just have a solid base pedestal. Sue replied, “Dad placed that there for Mum’s ashes, but now we think they’ll both go there, to be together forever”. Silence filled the room, and we were all quietly proud that we had the privilege to be part of that job.

grandfather clock RF

1800’s Cedar Writer’s Desk

Our client brought this circa 1800’s cedar writers desk to us after starting the restoration process herself. When it became clear it was a tough job, she asked our craftsmen to complete it.


Working with timber has a certain and distinct feeling about it. The natural markings don’t just create an aesthetic look and feel, they also tell a story – no two pieces can ever be the same.



1800s Cedar Desk Restoration – Completed!

Penny’s Piano Stool

Possibly 110 years old, this stool has been sent to us for some TLC.  A full strip back, repolish and a new seat with webbing and a new tapestry fabric will have it looking a million dollars!


The next stage in the rebirth of penny’s treasured piano stool. All joints redone, full strip back and repolished. The only step left in the process is upholstery. Penny has chosen and we are fitting the new fabric. We expect to be delivering the stool to Penny next week…

Untitled-1 copy

Penny’s piano stool completed!


Glenys’ desk

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

This is the story of a circa 1960’s office desk that had been discarded. Left on the side of the road for the local council annual rubbish pick up. In a very poor state of dis repair, the desk had broken drawers, chipped and missing veneer all over, deep water stains and marks all over the top and was structurally falling apart.

photo copy

photo 1 copy

A keen eye with a love for all things old (Glenys) stopped and collected the desk and all its pieces and contacted Renowned furniture for a quote. After some consultation, we agreed on a price and a method. The big challenge was saving the top as it was an extremely rare butterfly blackwood veneer which we knew would be irreplaceable so all the restoration tricks were ‘pulled out’ by our very qualified team to return this classic back to its former glory. It will live again, this time for ever holding pride of place in Glenys’s retro office.

photo 1 copy(1)

Glenys and Alan were delighted with their desk.  They ended up re-arranging their furniture to accommodate the desk in pride of place.  Now, Glenys has a peaceful work space, with an amazing view, and a gorgeous desk.

photo 2 copy

Solid Mahogany Dining Table

Mark commenced his career as an elite swimmer representing Australia in the 1984 Olympics and 1986 Commonwealth Games.

After Mark’s retirement from swimming in 1992, he joined the family business (Stockwell) established by his parents Bill and Necia Stockwell. Mark is now the Managing Director.

Some years ago, Renowned Furniture was supplying fine furniture and furniture restoration to Mark’s parents. More recently, Mark found a remarkable antique, solid mahogany extension dining table in an antique shop in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and invited us to inspect the table and provide an estimate to restore it. We understand that it was originally imported from UK and was located on a large property station out west. Read more