Ken’s old squatters chair

Ken has been looking after us with electrical work for more than 20 years and now it’s our turn to look after him with the full restoration of his old squatters chair!

Bedside tables and dresser makeover

Updated: August 21, 2017

The black cabinets were originally white. Here are the complete dresser and bedside tables.

Restored bedside tables

Restored bedside tables

Restored dresser

August 7, 2017

Mary is a returning customer who is still in love with the first job we did for her family. This time, it’s redecorating and we’re converting their bedside tables and dresser. Watch for the massive changes we have in store!

From oval pedestal table to extension table

This is a very rare and delicate project where we are converting a standard oval pedestal table to an extension table.

Cindy’s sofa transformation

Before and after together at once!

Cindy did not want to throw her old sofa, but her and her daughters had in in mind a bit of an upgrade.

Lose the round corners, lose the massively thick arms (“They’re all a bit, ‘80’s don’t you think”!), reshape the suite and re-upholster as well. New cushions, piping, new webbing and all new internals. Still half the price of something new IF (big if) you buy quality!

Oh, and it has to be removable too! So, while the old cover was removable, it sure did look like it didn’t! Our style of re-upholstery however makes it look so much more professional, so simple and easy to remove for dry-cleaning, etc. and now it matches the new décor too!

Restored sofa

Restored sofa

Restored sofa

Heidi’s mums silky oak masterpiece

Fully repaired, striped, sanded, reassembled and first sealing coat applied. What a lovely table!

Lamp stands for Wendy

Updated: August 14, 2017

These beautiful lamps were restored by Renowned Furniture. The client found some cool shades and, hey presto! they look very cool..

Restored lamps

Restored lamps

…especially standing over some of the coolest rocking chairs we’ve ever done.

Restored lamps

Restored lamps

July 21, 2017

Wendy dropped these two off for a refurbishment. My old, sparky experience helped get all the electrics going again and our guys worked wonders on the timber work. Looking forward to seeing what shades Wendy puts on!

Restored lamp stands

More mid-century

Fashion is a funny thing and I do sometimes wonder where it all begins. Another rush we have on these days is all the Parker style or Mid-century furniture (specifically dining suites, buffets and TV chairs), all being restored, or in many cases, custom built from a picture a client has downloaded from the Internet.

Design and comfort

Quite possibly one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve even sat in! Derik wanted the base repaired but also reinforced. We drilled out the centre and inserted some steel rods! Don’t think we’ll be seeing this wonder back anytime soon.

Restored black leather office chair