Boardroom buffet piece for Boeing

Well, it would seem that the SEO/SEM marketing campaign we’ve been running (along with our great reputation for quality) are alive and well! We’ve been so proud to be able to work with some of the largest companies in their respective fields globally but every now and then, one comes along that seriously makes a humble little wood shop like ours beam with pride.

A few months ago, we were contacted by Boeing Defence Australia with a request to quote on a boardroom buffet piece to complement their existing décor.

By our standards, not a highly technical piece. (The only unique quality this buffet has is that while it looks like a permanent free standing piece, it actually floats on concealed castors so that it can be relocated very easily.) But when you consider the possibilities of future collaboration with Boeing Defence Australia, the opportunity was taken.

Renowned Furniture successfully completed the job.

Progress shot – at our workshop

On-siter Installation

Close-up shots of the boardroom buffet

Custom made boardroom buffet piece

The finished product