Architect Designed Plywood Seating & Tables – Update

The University of Queensland School of Architecture were so impressed with the first delivery of tables and bench seats for one of their student common areas that they went for a second round.


The bench seats have a double use!

They can be inverted onto the top of the tables to act as picture displays as well! Pretty clever we thought!


Custom made Tables and Seats

What a great school to work with, thanks to all the folks in admin there at UQ’s School of Architecture.


And in this throw away world we live in, we found it hard to discard the off-cuts from this project so we had a bit of fun joining some of them together to make interesting shapes!

We’re now sending them all back to the University of Queensland School of Architecture to see if the students can come up with something even more interesting!


And we got this message from UQ:

Hey mate thanks for the offcuts the kids will definitely make something weird and wonderful with them. Thanks again for your hard work look forward to catching up again soon.”

Let’s see what creative pieces the students can come up with using the off-cuts.


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