Chris’ bedside tables

You might remember Chris purchased The Stack and The Twins… Well Chris is now a regular visitor to our website and in his own words: “Haha oh dear I can see between you and my tailor I will be well appointed but penniless.” And “I am glad the sale went well for you guys.  As a customer I struggle with the dilemma of keeping you a hidden gem to keep the best for myself or spread the word so everyone can get awesome furniture.  It’s always the latter I have to say.  It’s good to see local business’ with a bit of individuality being successful in the highly homogenised world we live in.”

Well, Chris lined up for some custom made bedside tables to match his bed. He went back to the company that supplied him the bed some years ago and was not impressed by the options thay had so he sent us some pictures of the bed and we came up with these.

Chris bedside RF2 PA

They’ve now been delivered and Chris is over the moon!