Walter’s going Aussie

Walter has a new house and the window moulds have been replaced with something reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. He wants to “get back to Queensland”!

Renowned moulds

We built an amazing bed for Walter some months ago and now we’re renovating his home! The things we do.


Claire’s sons’ chest of drawers

Claire contacted Renowned some months ago and had a beautiful cedar chest of drawers fully restored. She was so impressed with the quality and the price that she decided to have an old pine chest of drawers restored for her son. It was a little thank you to her son for all the wonderful things he does for her (running errands, mowing the lawn etc.) Nice job, Claire!

Below is a before shot of the old pine chest of drawers.

claire drawers_RL

Notice that even the massive chip out of the bottom drawer has disappeared! But Claire’s chest of drawers still need a little more work, so watch out for this space for the finished product!





Kerryn’s grandmothers’ hall stand

Update: November 4, 2015

Kerryn’s silky oak hallstand is now complete and ready for delivery!



Here’s the unit from another angle.





Update: November 2, 2015

Remember the hall stand that Kerryn inherited from her grandma? We told her that one of the guys figured it would be better to get straight into it to save on storage room!! This is only just a start so still heaps to go but you can already see the raw silky oak looking lovely. Will keep you posted, it’s going to be put aside for a bit now. Watch this space!





October 26, 2015

Kerryn was recommended to us by another happy customer and she’s come to us with a treasured possession she inherited from her grandmother. Solid silky oak, bevelled mirror, copper coated cloak hooks and steel umbrella trays. WTS!


The nicest part of this story is that Kerryn is between 20 & 30 years of age so, watch out for rising prices of old furniture over the next few years because we’re seeing more and more gen-y/gen-X folk finally realising the real value of these pieces and restoring them their way. Sometimes it’s a classic chair with a contemporary upholstery or a flash of colour but the ‘bones’ are 100 years old. I love it.

We will be updating you on the progress of this beautiful old furniture, so watch out!

Jess’s arm chair

Update: November 20. 2015

Here’s Jess’s armchair now complete and ready for delivery!



October 23, 2015

This arm chair was handed down by mum & dad. Jess has her grandmother’s name and now her beautiful old armchair as a keepsake.


Watch this space. Jess chose the fabric, it’s getting new webbing, new springs, new foam & a fresh covering.



Trent’s designer table

Update: January 6, 2016

Trent could not believe his eyes when we completed delivery and setup of his nearly 4 mt long table with copper pedestal base.


The piece also features a Japan black polished Wenge timber top that is 60 mm thick. It took four of our guys to lift each section into place.


October 21, 2015

Trent’s designer table still wrapped in plastic but ready for polishing… WTS!













Dean’s big move

Update: October 14, 2015

Here’s two more of Dean’s pieces being set up… With mitsy!!! 🙂

IMG_3526 RF


IMG_3525 RF

October 12, 2015

We’ve been working with Dean for more than 12 months now. We have been restoring and repairing a great range & eclectic collection of pieces from India & some European furniture for his new apartment.

IMG_3764 cr RF

Deans big move RF















The big move in day was yesterday and as the apartment gets fully set up, we’ll update you on the finish. WTS!

IMG_3763 RF









IMG_3762 RF



Jan’s desk & chair

Jan needed two of her heirloom pieces –  a desk and a chair – to be refurbished to make it look fresh and updated again.

IMG_3761 RF

As a bonus, we have also framed a special memory for her off the desk that she did more than 45 years ago!!

IMG_3760 Rf












Look at the before & during pics. Watch out for the after pics!