Renowned Furniture was established in Brisbane in 1985. The qualifications of the master craftsmen here at Renowned are part of a wood furniture trade almost forgotten in this high paced world we live in. These qualifications include, Design, Construction, Restoration and Finishing of fine furniture.


In early 2012, our Brisbane company underwent a total revitalisation.  Our wealth of ideas and knowledge of the wood furniture industry enables us to cater for a wide and varied client base. Whether it’s new custom furniture that you need designed, your Great Grandmother’s dining table that you want restored, or anything in between the team at Renowned Furniture would be happy to offer expert advice and age-old, professional services.


We are often contacted by clients who are seeking specific wood furniture, or office furniture pieces that they ‘simply cannot find anywhere’ and, starting with only a basic description or picture of the piece, our team is able to make that client’s vision a reality. As master craftsmen who have been servicing Brisbane for four decades, you could say we are ‘part of the furniture’. We are an old Brisbane company with a new dream, and while we have a rich history in traditional wood furniture, we embrace our future as strongly as we do our past. At Renowned Furniture we believe in the importance of maintaining a strong Australian manufacturing industry, and we are proud to be doing our part by keeping alive the tradition of fine, Australian made custom furniture.


There is a seamless aesthetic in furniture when standardization of materials, dimension and overall finish are combined through mechanical processes. Strong lines, smooth finish and perfection through replication – these are the characteristics of mass produced furniture. But there is something about the handmade look that can never be replicated in machine fabricated furniture. Those of us who are drawn to handmade furniture thrive on the individual characteristics crafting each piece brings to life. The imperfect edge, uneven surface and that unmistakable feeling of wood grain under your fingertips is why we work to keep a tradition and an industry alive.

Working with timber has a certain and distinct feeling about it. The natural markings don’t just create an aesthetic look and feel, they also tell a story – no two pieces can ever be the same Renowned Furniture specialise in high quality custom furniture as well as carefully & methodically restoring those sentimental or precious antique pieces. Over the last few years, Renowned Furniture has developed a name for itself with progressive designs and innovative, handcrafted production methods. Founded in Brisbane in 1985, Renowned Furniture has been creating stunning handmade furniture for over 30 years from their Coopers Plains factory, right in the heart of Brisbane.