A Hectic Life!

Well, hello dear readers! We’ve suddenly been receiving random drop ins from many of our suppliers. All with long faces, all with tales of woe about how terribly quiet it’s been lately, all with new specials on consumables, and so on. We’re unable to keep up with demand and adding to our busy life is […]

Ken’s old squatters chair

Ken has been looking after us with electrical work for more than 20 years and now it’s our turn to look after him with the full restoration of his old squatters chair!

Bedside tables and dresser makeover

Mary is a returning customer who is still in love with the first job we did for her family. This time, it’s redecorating and we’re converting their bedside tables and dresser. Watch for the massive changes we have in store!

From oval pedestal table to extension table

This is a very rare and delicate project where we are converting a standard oval pedestal table to an extension table.