World of Warcraft coffee table

“The WOW coffee table” WOW: World of Warcraft

We have a project to complete for a very special client with a very special request. She’s been a mad gamer for years, and met her now life partner on line gaming. They already have one beautiful baby girl. Nikki wants to buy her man something relevant and special for his birthday. She knows he […]


1930’s Travel Port Seat

Retrospect? We transformed this old 1930’s travel port into a safe and comfy seat which we then placed a modern twist with its legs made of Tasmanian oak, polished to perfection and topping it off with the fun psychedelic patterned fabric we used that gives you a taste of the 50’s/60’s which has recently made […]

coffee/occasional table designed & constructed out of an old log

An Old Woody Treasure

Our clients had been holding on to the old log for 20 years, always thinking that they ‘would do something with it one day’. We delivered a product made by our best craftsman, a coffee/occasional table designed & constructed out of an old log cutting, and there was a quiet moment when tears began to […]

beautiful silky oak doors

Beautiful Doors

We have these beautiful old doors that currently reside in a $5M home on the river in Brisbane. The home was recently sold and is being lovingly restored by a new owner. These doors however have a much richer history: They were originally rescued from a demolition in the city of Brisbane where an old […]