left over granite turned to a coffee table

Granite Coffee Table

What do you do with the left over granite or stone when building a new kitchen bench top? Why not make a matching coffee table?? Beautifully framed in teak, this coffee or occasional table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The stone was left over from a kitchen project and the client could […]

American oak coffee table with waterfall ends


One of our latest creations… American oak coffee table with waterfall ends. Solid timber throughout with a dark tone and 2 pack finish for years of durable service. “Mocholatte”!!

restored outdoor furniture

A 1950’s Rusted Mess Receives A Makeover

We arranged to sand blast & powder coat the frame,and craft timber tops for the lovely shelf and top. The timber has been polished and finished in 2 packs clear so that it can still live outdoors without concern of damage to the fine lumber! An elegant look to last for decades!

from pile of sticks to table

Just A Pile Of Sticks

To some, this may be better off at the scrap yard but for our clients, Allison & Allan, it will represent a celebration. A labour of love renovating an old home on the east side of Brisbane … and what to do with all the beautiful hardwood timer that’s left over? Call Renowned Furniture today […]