Holy and Timely

This classic church altar was found in a far-off land by a gentleman that we have had the pleasure of past dealings.

The altar was duly purchased (sight unseen), packed and freight by sea to Brisbane. Upon arrival some three months later, there were signs of mishandling and some damage.

We had initially quoted to complete the repairs on site in the small private chapel based on the level of damage we saw. After visiting the altar, we realised that there were some deeper issues that could not have been a result of the transit damage, but more likely a result of the sheer age of the altar.

We offered up a couple of alternatives, minding time and budget of our esteemed client. These suggestions of additional internal repairs, some clever re-bracing of the top and sides done such that repolishing was not necessary, and taking the unit off site to complete these repairs properly, were quickly accepted by our client and here you can see the end result.

Restored Church Altar

The whole job was completed in time for the holy period of Easter (the oldest Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Christ), which has a nice parallel to the resurrection of this altar!