Kathy’s cedar table

Kathy came to us with a broken cedar table. The table is very unique and extremely special. It was made by her father-in-law many years ago. He was an architect by profession and was clearly ahead of his time.  We can see that many of the design aspects of this table were implemented with one common thought in mind: let the timber move (expand and contract) and it won’t crack or disfigure. It’s massive by the way. About 3.2 mts long and 1.1 mts wide.

Kathy cedar table 2 RF

The weak point was in the under-side rails that connect the 2 leg sets together and that’s where it broke. We have totally dismantled it, remade the table rails using a much taller rail profile for strength and extended the legs by 50 mm so that the finished heights are still in line with Kathy’s requirement.

Kathy cedar table repair detail RF

Kathy had stated that the table must still be able to seat large people and there was to be no additional trouble with getting ones legs under the table.

Problem solved and Kathy was very happy with the end result.

Kathy table installed pa

The stories behind some of these pieces give us almost as much enjoyment as seeing the looks on the clients face when we redeliver them.