Paul & Denise’s Parker Chairs

May 16, 2016

Following months of assisting with storage after a full restoration, the beautiful parker chairs owned by Paul and Denise are happily in their new resting place. And here is the promised extension table as well!



Updated: February 19, 2016

The dining chairs we refurbished and reupholstered for Paul and Denise are complete. Watch out for the extension table that goes with it.



December 9, 2015

Here is one of a set of 6 parker chairs (a beautiful extension table goes with it) that we are fully refurbishing and re-upholstering for Paul & Denise.



Paul & Denise are going to be blown away by the funky fabric choices that their nephew, Steven, has chosen to brighten up their new abode. We’ve almost completed the timber restoration, and upholstery will kick off in the New Year. (Our upholstery department is full and we can no longer take any pre-Christmas orders!!) WTS!