Solid Mahogany Dining Table

Mark commenced his career as an elite swimmer representing Australia in the 1984 Olympics and 1986 Commonwealth Games.

After Mark’s retirement from swimming in 1992, he joined the family business (Stockwell) established by his parents Bill and Necia Stockwell. Mark is now the Managing Director.

Some years ago, Renowned Furniture was supplying fine furniture and furniture restoration to Mark’s parents. More recently, Mark found a remarkable antique, solid mahogany extension dining table in an antique shop in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and invited us to inspect the table and provide an estimate to restore it. We understand that it was originally imported from UK and was located on a large property station out west.

Renowned Furniture was awarded the task of restoring the table and the job entailed some 150 man-hours including polishing. The table, when fully extended is more than 5.5 meters long and casts an auspicious ubiety.

Mark is in the process of completing a new home, where the table will take pride of the place and remain extended. Renowned Furniture are presently building a 24-solid mahogany chairs to go around this magnificent table.mark+