A Hectic Life!

Well, hello dear readers!

We’ve suddenly been receiving random drop ins from many of our suppliers. All with long faces, all with tales of woe about how terribly quiet it’s been lately, all with new specials on consumables, and so on.

We’re unable to keep up with demand and adding to our busy life is one other clanger! I have been head hunted back into a corporate role in the tech industry where my roots lay. So, I bid you all farewell in two weeks’ time and have asked my amazing admin manager (and wife) to take over the newsletter here. Naturally, the boys will also start to contribute, so hopefully it starts to seem fresher and a little different.

One of the best barometers I like to use for how busy things are in local business is chatting to our Courier driver who services all regions nearby and he has also stated that life is terribly slow.

Here’s just a few samples of what we’ve been up to in the past few weeks!

Here, we have some beauties! First (from left) is a sliding ottoman made from solid spotted gum. Next is a simply stunning example of Boar war South African history – a split chest drawer set with some of the finest craftsmanship we’ve seen from that era and region! We think it’s made from a rare exotic called Babinga timber from West Africa. Next is an odd ball (modified) solid Qld silky oak table in for an insurance restoration and the last is another look at the Boar war relic.

First up is a Chinese relic from a bygone era (unfortunately damaged during a home break-in). I know the neighbourhood where this happened (my neighbourhood!) and a vigilant neighbourhood watch gang busted the perpetrators! Then more of the lovely Silky oak lounge suite in for resto and last is a family heirloom – a solid oak roll top desk.