“A Job Well Done”

Anyone ever had a job go wrong? Not once, not twice but three times?

Hannah came to Renowned furniture on a recommendation. She’s heard that “The guys at Renowned are pretty fair dinkum”!

Well, we are, and sometimes it hurts. We quoted in excess of $5,500.00 to completely strip down, dismantle, rebuild and re-polish this solid Cedar dining suite.

Hannah’s comments during her deliberations were: “You guys are not the cheapest but I’ve heard good things and I am going with you”.

Restored dining suite

Great, we got another job, snatched from the grips of our competitors. Here’s a draft of some of the basic verbiage we send when we get an enquiry:

Renowned Furniture employ some of the finest master craftsmen in south east Queensland with several years’ experience in all facets of fine furniture making, French polishing and furniture restoration. Among our very long list of esteemed clients, socialites and business people, we can also proudly include many of the big insurance companies and insurance repair brokers that turn exclusively to Renowned Furniture and refer to us as “preferred suppliers”. Our award winning quality and finish is second to none. Furniture made or restored by Renowned will last a lifetime.

Our standard process for true, top quality furniture restoration involves a full strip down where we remove all old polish and marks, etc. Some old polishes will react with new polishes over time, which is good to know when considering the type of restoration you’d like done to your piece. We go through every joint and connection and ensure that all joints are sound. Some pieces of furniture that are more than about 60 years old will have ‘animal fat based timber adhesives’ in the joints and this will almost certainly have been compromised over time, so it’s important to be sure that the joints and connections are going to last another life.

The strip and first sand are followed by a 2 pack seal coat in clear to ‘embalm’ the timber. The next step is to sand again, apply tone and colour where required and sand again. The third step is to apply the first of the top/polish coats, then sand again and finally, the finish polish coat to your choice of lustre and gloss level from dead flat through to high sheen.

For re-upholstering, we replace all the internals required to ensure longevity and warranty of new fabrics, so webbing, foam, wadding, gimp and antique nails are all replaced where required as part of the process. Please visit www.warwick.com.au and see if there’s anything there in their vast listings that suits, or alternatively, visit their showroom where the very friendly and helpful staff can assist.

We are happy to quote for a lower level of restoration, though this really needs to be done in direct consultation with you to be sure we are both in agreement and have a full understanding of the work being carried out.

Well, the worst things that happened with the dining suite project were:

1. The cedar had some kind of (unknown) oil or chemical embedded in the timber making the re-polish a nightmare. We actually redid the polishing 3 times.
2. A mistake was made with the fabric supplier when someone (who shall remain nameless) ordered the wrong fabric, so at the 11th hour when we were ready to return deliver and were conducting final checks, we found the error and had to delay with the client yet again.
3. After re- re-upholstering we were ready to send the suite and one of the chairs was damaged in all the double handling. They say these things come in threes, don’t they?

Now the good stuff:

Hannah told the boys how amazed she was and further went on to call me and write as well.

“We are just so thrilled with what you and the guys have done with our suite. The delays were so well worth it in the end and while I know you guys had some issues, we were never asked to pay any additional money. 1000 thanks for a job well done. Old fashioned service in a modern world! You will go far.” 🙂