A Quick Glimpse of Our Ongoing Projects

An apology from Renowned Furniture to all our readers & followers!

We’re just simply too busy to make this edition of our bi-weekly newsletter any kind of a complete, ‘newsy’ publication, so please forgive us, but the in-flow of projects has all of us here running a bit quick.

Finally, the good problems by far outweigh the bad problems. Deliveries, scheduling, quality management, prioritising, and so on. All good problems as opposed to what some in our industry are going through, such as viability, where can we get the work from, cash flow issues, etc. (Trust me, these were our problems too just a few short years ago!)

Today’s newsletter looks at just a few of the projects currently progressing through our humble little shop.

  • There’s A 10 seat solid English oak table designed and being built from scratch by one of our fine master craftsmen.
  • There are several restoration projects that we’re working on for interior designers (both for their clients and for themselves).
  • There’s a beautiful silky oak full height display cabinet we’ve designed and are now halfway through building for a guy that collects Royal Dalton pieces.

There’s some amazing antique Japanese pieces (buffets & chests & desks, etc) that we’re restoring for a client and they wanted each piece to look “raw” rather than polished. So through a long process of research, we’ve found a polish that you simply cannot see at all once it’s been applied. You can only feel it to touch. I think it’s going to look amazing.

  • We’re almost done on 2 very old captain’s chairs.
  • We’ve started on the conversion of a treasured old oak queen sized bed to turn it into a king size bed with individual base springs that rise & lower.
  • There’s yet another beautiful old BMW dash board being repaired, re-made in some parts & repolished.

  • We’re still pumping out some custom made solid walnut board room tables with Italian chrome legs.
  • And finally some silky oak dining chairs being restored, as well as a beautiful parker table and a solid silky oak table all ready for delivery following restoration.

The books are full, the bank account is healthy and the team is happy! “TOUCH WOOD”! or “KNOCK ON WOOD”!