Cheap furniture winds up being too expensive

There are a thousand clichés that address the topic of buying cheap.

The warm feeling of quality is always remembered long after the rush of a cheap price is forgotten. Some of the responses we get to our quotes for custom furniture or quality restoration are:

“I have nothing like that sort of budget in mind.” “That is way outside my expectations.” “I can go to a number of stores and buy ‘the same thing’ for a quarter of the price.” “I found it cheaper elsewhere.” And the list goes on…

We do have the luxury of being able to field a high volume of enquiry through good business planning and management, so we do also have the good fortune to let these sorts of comments wash over and not allow ourselves to spend too much time considering how we might lower our standards to meet some potential clients unrealistic expectations. These same folk would expect a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work for themselves.

Let’s look at some of those ‘bargains’ here and fast forward 10 years to where those ‘cheaper’ pieces wind up. (I use the term “cheaper” because they are not better value.) Land fill, I think, we have plenty already.



Now, let’s look at some of the many pieces that Renowned have built, upcycled or restored. Now fast forward 100 + 10 years! And still those pieces are ready for another lifetime.

Renowned build tomorrow’s antiques, today. Who out there would be prepared to warrant their craftsmanship for 100 years?



It’s simple really,


and the list goes on, but the message is clear.