Designers and Architects – How Custom Furniture Provides Value for Clients.

(Why you should be thinking about custom furniture for your next project.)

Renowned Furniture has been in the business of making custom designed furniture in Brisbane for over 30 years, and in this time we have designed and built a wide variety of custom furniture for both our commercial and residential customers.

We work in collaboration with designers and architects and can build just about anything you can imagine. We love working with timber, but can easily incorporate steel, stone and glass into your design.

Custom made theatre chair

Custom (and restored) pieces, whether they are the one off ‘hero’ piece, a set of like pieces or an eclectic combination of both, have their place in modern design and can be the best way to create the desired environment for your client. Custom is the best alternative when your client has a brief that off-the-shelf items just won’t cover due to issues with space or matching to existing furnishings.

Here’s how we can help provide value for you and your clients.

Custom pieces are exactly right, saving time searching for a close match. Every detail can be made to order specific to a brand or concept designed for your client. We’ve made narrow wing chairs, extra tall chairs, and shortened desks to suit client’s specific physical needs. We can alter almost anything to suit a specific space.

Custom made dining table

Custom pieces are well made and designed to last. In this day and age, when shopfittings are expected to be replaced every 3-5 years, custom pieces are stronger and more hard wearing and will last longer than your average mass-produced item. Well designed and planned furnishings can be incorporated into any redesign down the track, and can be freshened up and reused or sold on (usually at a higher value than mass produced items).

Upcycled Lazy Susan

Custom pieces can usually be made in a short time frame. Lead time for imported/mass produced items can sometimes be as high as 10-12 weeks, and an order can rarely be altered once submitted. We’re usually able to produce the same items locally in less time, and understand that design is fluid and the brief can sometimes change during the process.

We’re here to help and can do this by providing full size set outs and colour/design samples so your client can really get a feel for exactly what they’re getting.

We hope this has you considering custom furniture for your next project.

Custom made display cabinet

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you provide value, please email your brief to, or give us a call on (07) 3274 4055 to speak with one of our helpful staff.