Interesting Time Ahead for Renowned Furniture!

It seems we might have reached a level where we are beginning to come into the view of some industry colleagues working within a similar space as Renowned Furniture. We were recently approached with a question: Are you interested in selling your business?

Following some early questioning, we realised that it was a genuine request, and so we opened up some discussion.

Don’t panic! We’re not going anywhere. The team is toiling away with a wide range of projects at present. By the way, what’s with the new rush on CD/DVD racks and holders? They must have reached ‘retro’ status or something because we’re currently getting quite a few enquiries for them in many and varied shapes and forms. We are now into some of that, well, “you simply can’t find” pieces. Anyway, I digress!

Back to the story, the discussions centred around a purchase of the business running as it is and we have to say that there is some merit in considering, in the very least, some kind of partnering with another ‘like-minded’ person or group, so that the growth and coverage we are dealing with could be more evenly covered in a controlled manner.


We have some great team members; have just signed up a new apprentice and are staring at a great start to the new financial year with jobs on the books and at least two very large projects ($2M plus each) that we are growing quietly confident of winning. Well, at least one of them anyway!

We wish all our readers well and hope we can rely on the same kind of support for the 17/18 financial year that we have appreciated and enjoyed for the past 12 months.