It’s Official! We’re Stand Alone, Massively Reduced Carbon Footprint

Well, we finally did it! Renowned now generates enough of its own power to not require any from the grid.

These pictures are a look at the large, 3-phase inverter and one of the banks of solar panels. Even performing very well during a rainy day given the reduced light. Because a factory like this does not use very much power after hours (when the sun’s down) we are well poised to add battery storage and never need to call for external power ever again.

We scoped the system up to be strong enough to withstand our peak loads. For example, when our 2 massive compressors are on start-up, the large, 3-phase dust extractor system is running and any number of panel saws, routers, sanders and air conditioners are running. This, together with all the lighting, office equipment, fridges and so on, is all complement of the sun!

Our return on investment sits at about 3.5 years and the warranty of the components is 20 years for the panels to continue to output at least 85% of their rated output as well as the German-made, 3-phase inverter that carries a 10-year guarantee.

We are proud of the ‘green tinge’ that this small initiative adds to our products and services, and we will be mentioning this in all our future proposals with zeal.

We’re saving so much money, my wife and I decided we should sample the fare at a fine restaurant in Tokyo (one of the finest chefs in the world!) on our way home from visiting our daughter in the UK.

Thanks to all our clients for their loyalty, and we can assure you of a well recharged management team ready to continue providing you the “wow factor’ to all your fine furniture needs.