More business updates & a little something for our corporate readers

Hello to all our readers!

Continuing on from our recent updates, we seem to be gaining some real ground in regard to market penetration and consequently, market share.

The enquiry levels we are fielding these days has me run off my fingers (typing replies and quotes)! What we turn into orders is now also at a level where we are hiring new staff as well. Not bad for an industry ‘on its knees’ when you listen to the mainstream and to the furniture industry spokespeople.

I’m going to place something at the end of this newsletter to see how many read to the end, by the way.

Here’s a look at a recent job we won over our industry colleagues, possibly on delivery time, possibly on price, but I think we won it on the fact that we hold some of the rarest and genuine Queensland rain forest red cedar there is around. It was felled more than 40 years ago and stored carefully, so it’s now going into select jobs where the client can appreciate the value, the history and the fine craftsmanship applied.

Getting back to the business progress, we are now fielding enquiries with some heavy hitters in the building, design and transport industries. These high level enquiries are easily supported by our history in first class performance and by some glowing trade references that we have received over the course of the past few years, many of them spontaneous.

We’ve covered projects big and small and all with the same degree of “white glove” treatment that our clients have come to appreciate and expect. A new level in service as well as good old-fashioned master craftsmanship!

You’ll appreciate that we make a lot of dust in our business, especially when we’re as busy as we are right now. Well, the main office (not all that far from the action) does get pretty dusty (no matter how often we clean). We decided to do an overdue full clean. Removed everything, re-painted, re-furnished (you know the saying: “A plumber’s tap always drips”?). Well, we decided to fit-out the office with some of our fine display pieces so that we can live among the magic.

On that note, here’s the offer to all corporate readers:

We’re considering strategic product placement of some of our fine display pieces and wondered if anyone would like to ‘throw their name in the hat’ for possible recipients of some fine pieces for their foyers, offices, display areas, etc?

If anyone’s interested, just email me on and we’ll see if we can find a fit.