Renowned Furniture to the Rescue of Furniture Damaged During a Move

One of the approximately 15 to 20 pieces we see every month have been damaged by removal companies. Great business for us, but I can’t help feeling like there’s room for some formal training in furniture relocation practices.

Restored display cabinet, bed and buffet

It’s really not brawn that’s required for this job; there’s a process. It includes, but is not limited to, site and furniture evaluation, route planning for movement of the various pieces, etc.

There is also the proper application of protective wraps, blankets, etc. This phase is so important. You must have some basic knowledge of the types of finishes that exist and be able to identify them as they relate to various pieces of timber furniture before you start applying packaging wraps and tapes, etc., correct placement in the transport vehicle, load securing and the perfect reverse of all of the above once you reach the destination.

It’s not rocket science but done correctly, it’s a smooth, efficient flow where money can be made without incident.

Restored concert harp

We recently did a job for a client that had purchased a $30,000 concert harp from the USA and it arrived with the black ebony finish to the main body, covered in subtle round circles! A quick evaluation by us and we determined that the first layer of “protection” that had been applied for transport/shipping was bubble wrap.

They killed it with kindness and clearly lacked any knowledge of the potential reaction that plastic and humidity would have on the black ebony finish.

Restored wooden doors

We also came to the rescue of a son who got these doors as a present from his mum. The doors arrived from overseas broken in 15 places and he wanted them looking brand new again before his mum arrives. We took up the challenge and had the doors ready in time.

I could go on forever about the myriad of mistakes that are made in this industry through lack of understanding about process and proper treatment of the many various furniture finishes.