Showcasing Our More Creative Pieces Through Another Product Placement Venture

Our latest ‘product placement’ venture is with a company in the same industry.

Desks Etc have been operating for more than 30 years and make some very fine office style furniture here in Brisbane. We’ve had a collaborative partnership for some time now with Desks Etc, and both parties felt that there might be some synergy between our companies with regard to the more ‘creative’ and custom pieces that Renowned Furniture are known for.

Under a “nothing ventured, nothing gained” approach, we decided that showcasing a few of our more creative pieces in the Desks Etc showrooms located in Coorparoo would be, if nothing else, a fun talking piece for some of the visiting clientele to the Desks Etc showroom, and for us, a little bit more exposure to the mainstream looking for fine office furniture.

The Coravano

We’ve had some highly successful dealings with Desks etc over the years and we’re happy to say that the levels of trust between our groups is the foundation of a healthy relationship that provides mutual benefits. We’re industry colleagues rather than opposition companies and we look forward to a continued friendship.

The Stack / The Inca

As a start, we have supplied the “Coravano”, a 2 pack white and red credenza; “The Stack”, a spotted gum and glass coffee table designed to look like a set of old planks thrown on top of each other to create a base; and “The Inca” coffee table, an origami inspired timber frame that looks more like it’s been folded rather than joined – star sapphire glass and New Guinea rosewood.