The Place of Multi-Function Furniture

Today we share something a little different and special…

We at Renowned are seeing the trend towards fun, interesting, multi-functional furniture pieces.

A post recently published by Custom Made expands on this and shows it’s clearly a wider trend with many seeking a way of reducing the space taken up by furniture.

With living spaces becoming more compact and our lives transitioning to more of the outdoor, shared spaces, it’s important that our indoor furniture pieces contribute only to our quality of life rather than our ‘clutter’.

Take a look at one current piece we’re working on which is a combination, coffee table and chess playing table all in one.

Janeen's chess slider


Here’s an Infographic created by custom made sharing additional ideas on multi functional furniture and how you can reduce that clutter to have more space to ‘feature your quality furniture’ through a more minimalist approach.

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Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-Functional Furniture
Infographic by CustomMade