The Year That Was: 2017 Highlights

It’s 2018, and as it is the beginning of a new year, It’s time once again to reflect on the business and look back at some of our notable projects during the past year.

2017 was another fantastic year for Renowned Furniture. We started the year fielding so many enquiries, mostly from people asking for quotes and the rest just seeking advice on what they can do with their old furniture. We even hired new staff mid-year to keep up with the orders.

We instituted a number of measures to ensure the continued success of the business. We launched a “Product Placement” venture that saw some of our custom-made furniture pieces displayed at the sales space of London Residence West End, a private residential building on Bailey Street, and a company within the same industry – a 30-year veteran of fine office style furniture. There we displayed a few of our more daring pieces – conversion pieces, for sure!

In the middle of the year, we became officially independent from the power grid with the installation of solar panels that can generate enough power even during our peak loads. This is our biggest investment for the year, and the return on investment is very promising, not to mention that we can claim to be a business with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

We are also happy to report that we completed a number of custom and restoration jobs that turned out beautifully that our clients were satisfied and grateful. It is really a nice feeling to receive notes from happy clients!

Renowned were able to secure several big contracts. One of our coups this year was a chance to make a boardroom buffet piece for one of the world’s biggest defence contractors. It wasn’t a highly technical piece, but we were proud to have taken on that challenge because of the possibilities of future collaboration with this particular client.

We underwent a slight change this year, and that was the change in management. As was recounted a few times in previous newsletters, the former owners were receiving a number of enquiries with regards to selling the business as is, both from groups and individuals.

Renowned Furniture are now under the management of Aaron and Melissa. The new owners bring with them extensive experience in furniture and cabinet making.

We say it was a slight change because the transition was virtually seamless. We retained the same staff and maintained (and continue to improve) the same processes that allow Renowned to churn out top quality jobs. While the transition was on-going, it was “business as usual” for us.

We are expecting another fantastic run in 2018 and we are confident that we can deliver the same quality of service that Renowned has become known for in our small circle of furniture restorers and manufacturers in Brisbane.

To all our loyal customers and followers, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2018!