What’s In Store For Us in 2017

Hello again to all who spare the few minutes it takes to see what we’re up to.

Hello also to our opposition on-lookers who’ve subscribed to our posts and newsletters! We see this as pure flattery and I hope you do manage to glean something from our little downloads.

We do feel a little like we are starting to lead the way on several fronts, not the least in our approach to marketing, the open book way we keep our staff and our clients completely in the loop, some of our achievements with suppliers relationships, and so on.

Business acumen is very non-business specific, and as long as we can manage to keep the heart-felt passion of what we do away from the black and white that tells the business story on a day to day basis, we seem to keep managing to improve. After all: “How can you manage what you don’t measure?!”

We measure our success, profit, sales hit rate, staff and client satisfaction weekly. Come to think of it, we do measure the reader open rate and the recipient pass on or forward rate etc., but we don’t really know what you think of our simple little downloads, so if anyone feels like it, why not tell us?

We’re fielding some massive enquiries at present and and while some may well take up to 12 months to come to fruition, the opportunities are certainly out there – just like our name..

Some interesting opportunities are opening up in assistance with design, building of prototypes for larger design/architectural/concept groups, and it seems to me that custom made fine, one-off type pieces for single discerning clients is really just the tip of the iceberg of what Renowned can offer. These opportunities also open up some amazing doors. There are some companies that we’re now dealing with, including new orders received as recently as yesterday, so big that we’re not even allowed to mention until I get official clearance!

It’s good to have the doors of this old business flung wide open in so many ways. For a start, the management and the staff can now breathe (in more ways than one)! The creative juices are flowing and some mighty fine pieces are leaving our shop on a daily basis.