Rugby cup dating back to 1918… “The things we do”

The Anglican Church Grammar School (“Churchie”) sports activities assistant, came to us with a dilemma. “The Queensland Secondary School Association” Rugby football cup that dates back to 1918(wow!) has run out of room to engrave this year’s premiers, Churchie.

They showed us a look at the cup and at another similar cup that had been modified last year. Their preference was to use some timber that had some significance & meaning so we used some of our 60 year old Queensland rainforest cedar that we keep just for such occasions.


Looking over the cup now that it’s finished, I remembered that my father played in the first 15 rugby for Nudgee college in 1947 and I see that Nudgee won in 1946 but not in 1947 so I called dad and got the full story from him like it was yesterday! 1947’s winners were Brisbane State High School. “Yeah, we were pretty dirty players back then but Terrace & State high had some bloody good kickers” “Mind you, your uncle George and uncle Henry (Dad’s 2 younger brothers) both won their grand final games in 1950 & 1952 & I remember teaching them a thing or two before that”!!!
Memories ‘eh!!!