upcycled pine hutch

80’s Pine Hutch

Wondering what to do with that ’80’s pine hutch? – Recycling or Upcycling?

hutch a RF

“Upcycling” (as it’s the new catch phrase) provides so much more satisfaction when compared to tossing an old relic out or trying to sell it for pittance when it’s completely ‘out of vogue’.

hutch 1 RF

Look at this piece – The before shot looks like it might be collected by the local charity or sold for $10.00, whereas the after shot could stand in any high end furniture store and fetch $1000’s!

hutch 2 RF

Apart from this, it looks fantastic! The addition of 2 more top doors, some clever sanding and re-coating and some stunning new porcelain printed knobs, the finished product is almost unrecognizable.

Pine-Hutch2 RF