Lee’s bedsides

Update: June 8, 2015

Lee’s bedsides are complete! These tables were designed following a series of picture exchanges where Lee would go to Google and try to find an image she liked and we would then send back sketches trying to extract from her exactly what she was looking for. Here’s the end result and Lee was really happy with them.

Lee's bedsides finished

” So happy with the bedsides….especially now we have them in the room. They are the perfect size and just what we wanted. I’m so pleased we decided to put the curve in the legs as this really gives them the elegance. Thank you to Simon for his work. ”

June 2, 2015

Lee’s custom cedar bedsides are coming along well. Lee wanted something elegant and timeless to go in her bedroom. WTS!

bedside single RF3a


bedsides in progress RF2

bedsides angle2