Mary’s Blackbean Journey

Update: October 29, 2015

Here’s the continuation of Mary’s Blackbean Journey:

We at Renowned have been engaged in several projects where the requirement is design with style some classic pieces that don’t over-crowd a room because the new spaces are quite small. We have made specialised dining suites, small console tables, book shelves, buffets and the list goes on. All done in the clients’ preferred timber, tone & style.

As Mary said to me yesterday, just because you’ve retired into a small space does not mean your desire to be surrounded in flair and style has retired also! “I still want to awaken to a surrounding of happiness and be content with my new space.” “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found you (Renowned), this experience so far has been wonderful.”

Here are pictures of Mary’s treasured furniture pieces in progress:



And now, all 4 classic furniture pieces are completed and ready for delivery.







But wait….

Mary has now also entrusted us with one of her most treasured possessions. A handmade parquetry in-laid tea service tray that was made by her father during WWII. It’s been half killed with kindness, the dreaded silicone based, (timber furniture’s worst enemy) Mr Sheen! Do not use this on timber furniture ever again!

So we’re removing all the silicone build up which was slowly making all the minute pieces of timber inlay, delaminate and giving it a light sand & repolish. Looks like we’ll be back at Mary’s for at least one more visit!





October 15, 2015

Mary came to Renowned to have some very special furniture made for her new (small) home in a seniors complex.

Seems all the furniture makers have overlooked the need for small but classic pieces so that folk such as Mary can still wake up every morning and feel like they’re surrounded in fine pieces of furniture without over-crowding their new digs. Mary has a lovely extendable blackwood, Parker dining suite from the 1960’s that she will possibly never extend again but it fits beautifully in her space so now.

We’re building a china cabinet, entertainment unit (that doubles as a blanket box), telephone table with a built in seat and a bedside table as well now.

IMG_3894 RF

IMG_3893 RF


Being as Mary lives on her own, she has only recently relocated back to Brisbane and was having trouble getting an update on things at our end, picking handles and finish tones & colours etc so we went and picked her up and took her  on a quick adventure to our factory to let her meet the master craftsmen, French polishers and feel like she was very much part of this process.

3891_3890 collage RF

We had some insightful discussions along the journey Mary now feels 100% comfortable that she knows what’s coming when we deliver her new pieces. Mary was so impressed that she added a bedside table with 3 drawers to her order and then said that we’d be getting her prized dining suite to restore when all the furniture is complete.