Sand playbox & small meeting desk in one

Kate had an interesting task for us to assist with. Kate works
with handicapped children and there is a world renowned therapy using sand play that helps with all sorts of early development.

DSCF2003 RF Pa


These little tables are lined internally so that they are water proof and the children can make watery ponds as well as everything else. You’ll notice
underneath that there are two handles, these are for height adjustment so that with the lid in place, the sand play boxes can then become craft tables
or small meeting tables as well. Once the sand is in there, they become quite heavy so of course, the tables need to be well made, safe and sturdy.

DSCF2008  2 RF



Painted in 2 pack white for durability and lined internally with blue laminex and waterproof glue, these tables are just one extreme of the
Renowned portfolio. The client was over the moon with them.