The Chess Set

Update: May 8, 2015

Janeen wanted to surprise her husband with this piece. The dual purpose of the unit means room saving, conversation piece and a lifetime of pleasure.

coffee chess table

opened chess coffee table

Update: April 29, 2015

Janeen had asked Renowned to design & build a coffee table that doubles as a chess board house as a surprise for her husband & sons. They spend many hours competing against each other and Janeen thought she’d like to bring the games into the lounge room so everyone can be present.

table with surprise

The chess set is her husband’s prized possession and is made from Granite & marble. WTS!table with chess set



February 16, 2015

Janeen came to us wanting to surprise her husband with a very special coffee table that conceals the chess set within…WTS!

( That’s watch this space btw 😀 )

chess set turned to table