“The WOW coffee table” WOW: World of Warcraft

We have a project to complete for a very special client with a very special request.

wow-table RF

She’s been a mad gamer for years, and met her now life partner on line gaming. They already have one beautiful baby girl. Nikki wants to buy her man something relevant and special for his birthday. She knows he purchased an old World of Warcraft server some years ago as prised memorabilia and she has decided to have it build into a coffee table.

Between us, we came up with a concept that she liked. We are now in final development and construction phase. There’ll be some lighting, some acrylic/Perspex and a few funky angles and the prized server will live in a recess beneath the glass top. Can’t wait to show you all the real thing!!

wow in the making

A concept on a 3D drawing program is now becoming a reality. Our WOW (World of Warcraft) Table in the making.


  The finished product!



Designed by us, built using solid core composite materials such as a special ‘dye impregnated craft board’, coloured acrylic Perspex and, of course a  highly collectible “W.O.W.” (World Of Warcraft) server fitted just under the toughened clear float glass top.