Natalie’s practice

Natalie was over the moon with her purchase of the ‘woodpecker’ range of shelving that she found on our website showroom. Natalie runs a psychology practice in Brisbane and was very particular about the type of décor. She worked with one of our craftsmen and had the range of shelves altered to suit her requirements. At the time, we were a little concerned that the alterations may be out of scale but we feel that Natalie’s vision was spot on.

IMG_5189 RF

The timber for the shelves was locally grown Maple (right here in a neighbouring suburb called Salisbury) back in the 1980’s.

IMG_5335 RF

They were felled to make way for a housing estate and Renowned Furniture, a local furniture making identity were approached to see if they were interested in saving any of the timber, so here we are now turning it into fine furniture 35 years later .

photo RF

Now the range takes pride of place in Natalie’s new rooms and is both stunning with a look of strength and form but also very useful and practical.
In Natalie’s words: “ Thanks for the beautiful shelves. I love them.”

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Natalie was also happy for us to link the story to her FB page Bulimba Psychology and said that she intended mentioning us on her page as well.