Rock on Doc’

Update: January 7, 2014

Here are Doc’s finished speakers from an opposite angle along with the before pictures. 🙂

post 0107 rf

Update: December 30, 2014

Doc’s Infinity speakers live and rock again.. Here’s the finished product. New timber veneer wrap in oak and new solid oak stands all polished with a walnut tone on the finish.

infinity 5 RF

Update: December 29, 2014

We’ll be reupholstering the cloth fronts and respraying the backs after filling all the exposed and open cracks. The new timber veneer will get 3 coats of polish as will the new solid bases. So keep watching this space…Finished product within a week. 🙂

Infinity speakers RF2

Update: December 24, 2014

To make the old boxes even stronger, we will be routing out a section along each corner of partially damaged chipboard and replacing it with solid timber before we place the new timber veneer over the top. This will provide many more years of strength and durability.

Infinity during RF3

Watch this space… Finished product in one week. 🙂
Dr. Chris came to us with some badly damaged Infinity RB S6 speakershe bought with his first pay cheque back in the ‘80s. “They mean a lot to me and remind me of my exciting first days in practice,” he said.


The terrors of time, some rock ‘n roll parties and a bit of water damage (or was that rum ‘n coke!) means that they have seen better days. We’re removing the old ghastly vinyl imitation timber veneer, replacing it with genuine ‘quarter cut’ American oak veneer and remaking the bases out of solid American oak.

Watch this space. 🙂