5 art deco rockers and 2 antique captain’s chairs!

Updated: May 8, 2017

All return deliveries should be like this one!

These silky oak and vinyl 1950’s rockers are among the finest examples we’ve ever seen and the new coverings chosen just set them off so well. A part delivery of almost a house full of gorgeous furniture going into a new home in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

As you can see, there was champagne as well! How about that view!

Restored rocker chair

Restored center table

Restored rocker chair

Restored bedroom lounge chair

Restored dining suite
Here’s a comment from the client. (Could be a bit bias, after all she is one of my 4 wonderful sisters!)

“Oh my god. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much. We are so happy with it all. Can’t wait for the rest.” Xxx


champagne to celebrate successful restored furniture delivery


April 10, 2017

What can we say? Pauline’s gone mad!

Captain’s swivel chairs and some mid-century classic rockers undergoing a Renowned make-over. We just love jobs like this! “They’re good for the soul.” Watch this space!