Airey table

LATEST UPDATE: Sep. 26, 2014

We’re pretty happy with the end result. The ‘new’ timber we used has at least 40 years of age on it and the character looks to have settled in nicely with the original table.

jude complete RF

The silky oak we’ve selected for this job is “quarter cut”

Jude table (4) RF

and about the same age as the table. Purchased from a Queensland government auction in the 1970’s when the government were getting out of building school desks and window frames for state housing, the packs of old silky oak and genuine Queensland rainforest cedar  was already 30 years old when we purchased it 40 odd years ago.

September 18,2014

Jude came to us with a dilemma! This table is a prized possession that carries significant sentimental value as well as simply being one of the finest examples of ‘quarter cut silky oak’ dining tables we have seen for some time. (and we do get to see all the classics!)

Jude table RF

Jude wanted to extend the table to fit 8 and between us we agreed on widening it and moving the legs in slightly so people could sit comfortably at the ends as well. This involves some almost surgical precision cutting and joining along with a selection of additional silky oak from our finest timber collection.

acollage RF

We have “tucked away” an amazing range of some of the rarest silky oak, cedar, maple and other locally grown timbers that were purchased by my predecessor over the course of the past 40 years.