Annette’s Writers bureau (desk) and kitchen hutch

Update: November 30, 2015

Here’s the work we’ve have done so far on Annette’s old English oak writers’ desk and kitchen husk. Watch out for the finished products!





November 23, 2015

So the pictures so far are pretty bad – that’s because the desk was falling apart. Annette found us on the Internet and fell in love with some of our stories, so now she wants us to ‘restore’ this desk but not lose any of the damage, gnarly bits or its patina – in other words, its character!


Quite a challenge considering its age and condition. But now her story is possibly one of the most intriguing we’ve had in years! Look at all the bits and pieces that we found in between the back of the pigeon holes and the actual back of the desk!

There’s an excerpt from a 1919 calendar, a letter from the Manchester Milk board from 1922, a fuel/oil receipt from 1960, a drivers’ license from 1972, and so on… There’s a blotter’s sheet with some illegible scribblings on it  (I’d love to try and decipher some of it) – and all of it from England!

The plot thickens… perhaps Annette will try and make contact with “Mr. Blake” the owner of the 1970’s drivers licence!!


Annette is also having us restore an old lead light kitchen hutch (pictured here all covered in red lead (highly poisonous) paint!  WTS!!