Bridget’s dining suite

Bridget had a good eye for a bargain but there were problems so she called Renowned!

Bridget found the delicate suite online and was keen to buy it for her beach house but she knew that there was a couple of issues with it. After contacting the seller and Renowned, Bridget obtained some close up pictures of the damage.

This included, a busted leg with ornate carving missing, one warped extension leaf, 4 of the chairs had snapped off top rails and some of the rattan cane wrap was coming apart.

Bridget antique oak repair RF

While the table has a unique inlay oak pattern, it was hard for us to tell the age of the suite or the origin. Either way, Bridget had decided that she liked the suite so she used our repair estimates to negotiate a far better purchase price and the rest is history.

bridget suite restored pa

One of our guys delivered it to her sunshine coast unit last week and the there were plenty of smiles following a little sweat & searing getting it up the several flights of stairs.